Maximize ad revenue

DirectAd maximizes your revenue by pairing your app with multiple ad formats.

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Key Features

DirectAd allows you to maximize ad revenue.

100% Marketplace Revenue Earnings

Publishers earn 100% CPC ad revenue from our marketplace with no margins, maximizing your revenue!

Use up to 100% House Ads

If you have more than one application, you can use up to 100% rotation of house ads to exchange traffic amongst your own apps.

Maximize earnings with multiple networks

By combining multiple networks, you can choose ads with the highest earnings, which in turn optimizes your revenue.

Monetize Globally

With only one SDK you can monetize in the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many other of the largest app markets around the world.

Multiple Ad units

Standard Ad

Choose from full-screen, banner, and icon ad units.

Icon type ad

Icon Type

Display an icon on any part of the screen.


Screen Type

Display a full-screen ad at any event.


Banner Type

Display a banner in the screen header or footer.

Native Ad

Native Ads allows you to integrate ads into your UI in a consistent manner.

DirectAd Native Ad Format enables you to customize the layout and interactions freely in your App without compromising user experience. Native Ads allow for higher engagement with your users, which in turn will maximize your revenue.


Icon type ad



SDK Integration Flow

Easy integration with 2 lines of code in only 5 minutes!

Get the SDK

Register an account and download the SDK from the dashboard.



Integrating the SDK only requires 2 lines of code.



After integration, upload your app to Google Play and you're done!


Direct, instant impact

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