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We assist developers with app monetizaton.

Monetization is the most common issue experienced by developers. Tackle this problem by integrating the Appboost SDK.

Platform Features

User Rewards

Integrating the Appboost SDK provides a way for users to download a variety of sponsored apps. Upon download completion, the user can receive virtual currency rewards.

Ad Revenue

Increase your revenue from non-paying users when they complete tasks

Increase User Activity

Providing incentives encourages your non-paying users to actively use your app.

Cross Promotion

In House Promotions

Use internal promotions to create download offers for your other apps. Migrate your existing users through your suite of applications.

Cross App Exchange

Exchange installs with fellow apps using the SDK. You control the business conditions for the exchange (price, number of installs). There is no commission charged on this exchange, it's totally free to use.


The following partners are using our monetization services or promoting their apps on our network.

Global Integrated Network

Top Android developers from around the world have integrated the Appboost SDK. Over 1,000,000,000 downloads have been recorded to date.

Integration Flow

Get the SDK

Register an account and download the SDK from the dashboard



Follow the instructions to complete the SDK integration



After integration, upload your app to Google Play and you're done!


Fast effective monetization

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